QZY-P Series Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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  2. QZY-P Series Automatic Die Cutting Machine


QZY-P Series Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameters: 

Max. Paper Sizemm1200X7801300X9601500X1100
Min. Paper Sizemm350X350400X400500X400
Max. Die-cutting Sizemm1180X7601280X9401480X1080
Max. Speedsh/h0-50000-46000-4000
Max. Working PressureT300300300
Max. Paper Thicknessmm1-71-71-7
Die-cutting Precisionmm±0.5±0.5±0.5
Total PowerKW22.5kw22.527.5
Overall Dimensionmm8000X4000X22508750X4100X22459400X4600X2245

Main Features

  • The Bobst type cut structure makes the cutting platform movement like a scissor, it will realize a full and easier cut.
  • Main worm gear uses alloy copper material, after the experienced operator’s manual scraping treatment and strict standard testing, it can ensures the driving parts 10 years life.
  • The main chains adopt imported British Renold brand, the differences of 10 chains are less than 0.2mm.
  • The connect between gear box and driving shaft adopts sleeve and pin structure ensuring a strong connection.
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